Once again Team Maxxis 4x4 Malaysia has won this year’s championship title in 20th Edition of Rainforest Challenge 2016 Grand Finals (RFC) which is the mother event in Malaysia. The team went through some of the most challenging terrains in the natural rainforest of Pahang which started at Kuantan on 27th November and ended at Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands on 5th December. The vehicle number 119 driven by Chang Chiew Shen which is the also the champion driver of last year’s RFC and co-driver Edward Benggon has proven themselves to be champion again out-beating the 2 of the most highly respected Russian team vehicle number 104 driven by Roman Kulbak and co-driver Pavel Kovalenko and vehicle number 105 driven by Lyubarenko Valeriy and co-driver Katkov Andrei in a fierce battle converge among the 3 teams. This 20th edition of RFC has been popular choice for off-roading enthusiast and much respected 4x4 extreme sporting event in the country and over the years it attracted many from overseas. This year, competitors from Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, Czech Republic and Brazil have participated alongside with well known local racers comprising of teams from the state of Johor, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak which made up of total 28 vehicles in a race to be champion in their machines. There are total 24 Special Stages (SS) for the teams to complete and accumulate points by being the fastest to complete the track at each SS. The journey to champion begins at a forest reserve belonging to Royal Malaysian Arm Forces training camp in Galing Hill, Kuantan, Pahang which is the Prologue stage. Total 6 SS were set up for competitors to warm up and showcase their skills and experience to tackle some of the most vicious terrain. They are faced with near vertical wall climb and descend from the height of nearly 30ft, deep and long stretch mud pools with a depth of 4ft, speed races and much more.  Upon completing all 6 SS in Galing Hill, all the race teams travels 30km heading towards Predator Campsite to camp for 2 nights and battle another 6 SS at Gambang, Berkelah Forest Reserve. Here, the teams are faced with some river challenges, speed races and technical winching to clear obstacles. Next, the main convoy travels another 60km to Terminator Campsite at aborigines settlement, Pos Sendirut in Cheroh district, Pahang for another 6 exhilarating SS. 5 out of 6 stages are river crossing challenge with fast flowing stream, big boulders, and river depth of nearly 4ft. At the end of this stage, Team Maxxis 4x4 has been leading on the scoreboard while the Russians were at 2nd and 3rd place. The competition team then moves into much anticipated challenge dubbed as Twilight Zone. Competition teams are paired in two vehicles making up a team and whereby they have to complete the designated forest trail of 16km and is compulsory for both vehicles to exit as a team. Full points will only be given under this condition. After a gruesome 30 hrs in the jungle, Team Maxxis 4x4 drivers finally clear the entire obstacle and regroup with the main convoy at another aborigine’s settlement, Pos Semoi Lama in Sungai Koyan district together with the partnering team. The main entourage travels 40km to the town of Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands for final 6 SS battle. After much hardship of neck to neck battle with the Russians, Team Maxxis 4x4 Malaysia has truly emerged as champion thus signifying the latest creation of M9060 Mud Trepador is a true winner in mud and rocky rivers battles. Not forgetting the support team of Team Maxxis 4x4 which has been providing relentless support and effort throughout the journey to be the winning team in RFC. List of awards obtained from this championship. Overall Champion Team Challenge Category – Champion Best Petrol Engine 2,000cc ~ 3,000cc - Champion